complete sample project

This program is a sample on how easy you can write an automatic email/newsletter programm with C#. Full source code for a sample console application is provided!

I wrote this for a part of another program, because we needed something like that, to write our customers something like a newsletter, just do not ask for details! I was really surprised how fast i was done, this program might be a hack, but it's a 1-2 hours hack and it really works ... eh ... mails.

Please read the mail.xml file within the .zip in order to understand how it works.

This sample shows very well, that it's ******* easy to do such things with C#.

The sample covers parts of the topics: filestreams, xml, credential-handling, smtp-email sending/configuration, using Excel as database with OLEdb

The following could get easily implemented, just contact me if you are interested, or program yourself^^:

- set up a window based configuration
- check if the mailadresses are valid and the targetted mail-server exists
- reading names from the database for optional personalization of the emails
- set up a detailed error reporting and database update option


complete sample project
(attention: just a showcase, you're not allowed to use it for spamming)